Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not that Friendly .

I'm not that Friendly , please .

yes , I'm talking to you and writing bout you .

get fuck off from my face .
you're Bitch .

don't acting you are close with me ,
ying can ying cek .

I know I'm not perfect and even worse ,
but please , stop Copy my Style .
control sikit lol .

from the beginning you saw my face , you already know I'm not that Friendly .

I know I'm action , but .... so what ?
that's not your business :)

just go ahead to think bout me whatever you like ,
who is the real of my friends I'll treat them nice .

YOU are Funny fer me , stupid face .
I wanna show you all something ,

yupppp , just for you .
fer who keep copy mine .

stupid face and action you have .
bluuuuuuuuffffffffffffff ~ o0o

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