Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golden Horse Hotel

I coming to update :)

sorry for long time dint update my bloggie ,
now im gonna to share my school haledaeeee trip ~  ;)

at the holiday ,
i went to Golden Horse Hotel with my Princess , her family and my DEAR too <3

lets picture talking ...

photographer is ME  :DD
muahhahahs !

this is a pretty resort , full about of Horse .
Either floor or display , all is subject of Horse :)

we went to swim<3
my smelly leg . ishhhh  xD

sohai princess =..=

is me , LOL . don't know who snap this photo =...=

she and me :)

princess's brother .

after that we went back to hotel .
look ! Im freaking tired =..=

and we went to walk walk ~
is me again .
don't know what i laugh for ..  =..=

look ! my dear damn Cute ! (show peace that one)  <3

me and princess's brother .

after we go The Mines :)

damn pretty !!

Ignore my tired face pls ,
my dear and me and the Cutie !! :D
now this picture is my ph's wallpaper :)

after dinner , we back to hotel .

and the next day we back home :)

home sweet home ; because of this trip my skin became BLACK like india .
Lmao , fuck =..=

E            ND //

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